General Pricing/Rates

One Basic Kitchen Sink Install:
Includes two sink compartments; garbage disposal, basket strainer, faucets install, and dishwasher hook-up. Also includes two dual shutoff angle stops, new stainless steel braided supply lines, and all new trap components. (Sink, faucet, garbage disposal, basket strainer, and dishwasher not included). Demo or sink removal is not included.
Total $480.00

One Lavatory Install:
Drop in, or under mount, includes new trap components and faucet install. (Sink, faucet, and pop-up assembly are not included). Demo or Lavatory removal is not included.
Total $200.00

One Toilet Install:
Included, removal of old toilet, install on new toilet (toilet is not included). If repair to toilet flange is needed, there is an additional $50.00 charge added to total.
Total $200.00

One Toilet Purchase and Install:
Included, one Kohler Wellworth Toilet with seat (white). Includes removal of old toilet, install on new toilet. If rear is needed to toilet flange, there will be an additional $50.00 charge added to total.
Total $420.00

One Shower Valve Install:
Install includes one shower valve (Moen or Delta in Chrome). Demo of old valve and install on new valve. This does not include wall, tile, or enclosure repair.
Total $375.00

Retrofit Shower Valve Install:
This install insures only drywall damage to the backside of shower valve wall. If the backside is not accessible the valve will be removed and installed from the valve side of the wall and a larger trim plate will be installed to cover damage made to replace valve. This insures an up to date valve is installed and warranted for one year. The valve is a Moen with a Moen repair kit with a chrome finish. Drywall repair is not included
Total $475.00

Shower Drain:
Shower drain installed for hot mop assembly includes relocation of drain, the purchase of drain and installation of drain. Does not include demo or removal
Total $200.00

5-0 Foot Cast Iron Tub Install:
Install includes White Kohler Villager, new waste and overflow and install. Demo and removal is not included
Total $825.00

Pressure Regulator Replacement:
Includes purchase of regulator and install
3/4” Regular Total $320.00
1” Regular Total $340.00
1 ¼ $380.00
1 ½ $600.00

Water Heater:
Includes water heater, 50 gallons or less. All Installs include new shutoff valve, water heater flexs, seismic restraints, gas flex, and gas shutoff valve
Total $1400.00