Terms and Conditions

Description of goods and/or services: Zack Smith Plumbing & Contracting Inc. is a full-service commercial and residential plumber, which means that we do just about everything a plumber normally does. We do not sell plumbing-related items without installation services included. We are not a retail outlet.

Customer Service Contact Information:

Zack Smith Plumbing & Contracting Inc.
P.O. Box 460644

Return Policy: We do not have a return policy per se. If there is something wrong with our work, we make it right. If there is a manufacturing defect that is not caught during installation (very rare), we replace it at no cost to the homeowner.

Refund Policy: We do not have a refund policy per se. If there is a problem with the work, we make it right.

Cancellation Policy: Scheduled work may be cancelled without cost to the homeowner right up until our technician knocks on their door. For Special Order items that are non-returnable to the distributor, the 50% pre-payment is forfeited.

Delivery/Shipping Policy: We deliver the item(s) when we go to the job for the installation and delivery is included with the total cost. Since we do not retail items only, there is no “Shipping Policy”.

Delivery Time: We deliver the item(s) when we go to the job for installation. We usually respond to requests within 48 hours.

Price List: We do not have a Price List. Each job is different and the variables are too numerous to try and maintain one.

Our Service Rate policy is:
Zack Smith Plumbing & Contracting Inc.
Effective 8/29/16

Our standard hourly rate is $105.00 for the first hour, which includes the first 60 minutes of diagnosis and/or labor. Any time over 60 minutes is charged at $80 per hour. If the scope of work extends past 8 hours, we will then discount all eight hours and those subsequent to $75 per hour. Non-credit or back card payments may be discounted at our discretion. We are usually somewhat flexible when the time required is only a few minutes over the 60-minute limit, but technically after 60 minutes the next hour is chargeable along with any additional hours as required. The distance to the job is also a factor. If it is over 20 miles travel one way, less leeway is allowed for the additional time over 60 minutes.

Any parts or materials required are charged in addition to the Hourly Rate.

Warranty work is No Charge for labor and/or materials. Warranty work to be performed during our regular business hours. Emergencies will be provided for by our affiliate.

Some warranties require pre-approval from the manufacturer or distributor. Each one has its own unique requirements and those requirements prevail.

There may also be special circumstances that do not fit into established categories; such as requiring more than one man. Special pricing will apply.

If special equipment is required, i.e. camera or sewer auger, additional charges will apply. Please call if additional details are desired